Join us at The Open Door, a program called to building a culture of life and a just social order! Our panel discusses solidarity, subsidiarity, and economic democracy in light of Catholic Social Teaching. We also explore non-violence, distributism, and communitarianism. The next question? How do we move from discussion to political and personal activism? It's a question that often leads us to report on the short term projects and long term promise of the American Solidarity Party.  Click here for the show descriptions.

June 14, 2019

We’ll be asking our guest, Prof. Peter Redpath, the following questions.
1. Which Thomists have contributed most to your way of “thinking Thomistically”?

2. Just what is philosophical dialectic?

3. Which of the following is most satisfactory and why?
Philosophy is:
  • the attempt to justify basic beliefs and the analysis of the concepts in terms of which they are expressed.
  • the science of all things learned through their ultimate causes by natural reason.
  • chiefly a logical system of abstract essences, or ideas, and their impersonal, essential relations.
  • chiefly a cooperative, trans-generational, individual, cultural, and psychological enterprise.
4. How does the classical virtue of prudence fit in the philosophical enterprise?
5. Has today’s dominant culture largely subverted the everyday meaning of “psychology” and “psychological”?
6. How is it that thought exists in the soul?
7. What is Christian Philosophy? 
8. How do you understand liberal democracy? What problems does it face?
9. Can there be a conservative democracy? What about a natural law liberalism?
10. BONUS QUESTION: How would you assess, in broad terms, the platform of the American Solidarity Party? (See website.)


James Hanink

James Hanink

Host of "The Open Door"

Dr. James Hanink
Dr. James Hanink, a philosophy professor who taught at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, CA, is the lead anchor for The Open Door.

Dr. Mario Ramos-Reyes

Dr. Mario Ramos-Reyes, Professor of Philosophy and Coordinator (Chair) of the Department of Philosophy, Division of Humanities at Kansas City Community College, is co-host of The Open Door.


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