Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn

Host of "Why Catholicism is True"

Writer, philosopher, and “re-converted” Catholic, Pat Flynn focuses on presenting the Christian faith with reason and confidence through the use of apologetics and leading with example, some of it his.

Pat is the author of four books (mostly on fitness) and, beyond WCAT, host of the podcast The Pat Flynn Show and the website, where he teaches his followers about Generalism, that is, the skill of being good to great at many things, rather than the best at just one, and combining those talents in a unique stack to better themselves and the world.

Pat’s books include a series of best-selling For Dummies titles (including Paleo Workouts for Dummies, and Fast Diets for Dummies) along with the upcoming How to Be Better at Almost Anything (Benbella, 2018), which focuses on engaging in, and enjoying, genuinely good activities for increasing personal health and happiness. The secret? Forget specialization! Stack skills instead.

Pat is married to his wife Christine and are both devoted to raises their ever-growing tribe of kids proudly Catholic.

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