“The blood of Christ, while it reveals the grandeur of the Father’s love, show’s how precious man is in God’s eyes and how priceless is the value of his life.” Evangelium Vitae, 25

Catholic evangelist Leticia Velasquez leads us in a discussion of the how John Paul II’s “culture of life” provides a real solution to addressing the problems of the culture of death to which our secular society has committed itself.


Leticia Velasquez

Leticia Velasquez

Host of "Living the Gospel of Life"

Leticia Velasquez is a teacher, a writer, a speaker, a pro-life activist, the mother of a daughter with Down syndrome, and, most importantly, a lifelong Catholic. Leticia has presented at conferences and on TV and radio in the US and Canada. She co-founded KIDS (Keep Infants with Down Syndrome) advocating for the rights of unborn babies with Down syndrome. She has written for several periodicals, including the National Catholic Register, and National Right to Life News. Leticia edited A Special Mother is Born, 33 stories from Catholic parents of special needs children, which was translated into Spanish. She lives in Connecticut with her husband and three daughters, including Christina, who has Down syndrome.


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