Bob Olson, Pat Flynn and Sebastian Mahfood

Hosts of "I Thought You'd Like to Know"

Bob Olson, Pat Flynn, and Sebastian Mahfood have been hosts of “I Thought You’d Like to Know,” a show created by Bob Olson in October, 2016, for the purpose of interviewing interesting people who have a message for you.

Bob Olson (1937-2018) (top photo) was a Catholic Evangelist and co-founder with Sebastian Mahfood and Ronda Chervin of WCAT Radio. Pat Flynn (middle photo with wife and fellow radio show host, Christine Mooney-Flynn) is a Writer, philosopher, and “re-converted” Catholic, who focuses on presenting the Christian faith with reason and confidence through the use of apologetics and leading with example. Sebastian Mahfood (bottom photo) is the founder of WCAT Radio and En Route Books and Media.


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