Faith & Sport: Our goal is to bring an everyday sports-talk show to Catholics and Catholic-radio listeners, but with character, morality, and ethics as a regular part of the conversation.

Some former guests include Frank Reich (Head coach – Indianapolis Colts), Joe Delamielleure (NFL Hall of Famer), Fr Chase Hilgenbrinck (former MLS player), Daniel “Rudy” Reuttiger (Movie “Rudy”), and many others.

Why our Faith is important in Sport: In 2004, Pope John Paul II instituted the Office of Church and Sport to fully recognize the significance of athletics in our culture. The pope intended that athletes, fans, parents, coaches, and sport administrators call upon their Catholic faith to guide actions and words in athletic competition.

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Dr. John Acquaviva

Dr. John Acquaviva

Host of "Faith and Sport"

John holds a PhD in exercise science and is a professor at Wingate University. His courses include Strength & Conditioning, Sports Nutrition, and Exercise Physiology. His new book, Raising Children with a Healthy Body Image: A Catholic Parents Guide (En Route Books and Media) and first book Improving Your Body Image Through Catholic Teaching are both available as an ebook and hardcopy. Dr. Acquaviva resides in Matthews, NC, with his wife Alecia and four young children.


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