Episode 7: Eternal Spiritual Bodies
At the second coming of our Lord—when He appears in the clouds—we who are alive at the time of His appearance will be transformed immortal, and those who died in Christ will be made imperishable. The entire kingdom of Christ will receive eternal spiritual bodies, and by these, the kingdom will live eternally on the new Earth.

Episode 6: Our Triumphant God
To gain insight into our present moment and our future, this episode goes back in time to God’s own prophecies, regarding how He planned to bring an end to Satan’s darkness through flesh and blood, His Son, Jesus. By looking into God’s plan to rescue us from spiritual darkness, we look right into the heart of our God to save us, eternally. (November 14, 2018)

Episode 5: God’s Holy Days
In this episode, Bill Ayles discusses the Old Testament Law—in God’s holy days—when God embedded prophecies that Christ would ultimately fulfill. In the holy days, God painted a hidden picture: the chronology, content, and significance of major events that pertain to the first coming of Christ, and the chronology, content, and significance of major events that pertain to the second coming of Christ. In this show, we will see the mystery of God and the reason He hid His plan from His enemies: to usher in the New Covenant—bringing forth salvation and treasures in Heaven.

Episode 4: The New Covenant
The Son of God brought from the Father the New Covenant—and treasures in Heaven are an essential part of that covenant. In this show, we will look at what our God did for us, establishing the New Covenant. It is a new agreement between God and man—which ushers in the righteousness of God, the grace of God, being born of God, and being an heir of God. All glory to God.

Episode 3: Treasures in Heaven: Our Inheritance
The apostles revealed the connection between being a child of God and an heir of God. The Holy Spirit transforms us into children of God, and if we are His children, then we are fellow heirs with Christ and heirs of God. Thus, the treasures of the inheritance are granted. This show presents what our Lord revealed about being in the family of God and the treasures of our inheritance.

Episode 2: Treasures in Heaven: Christ’s Invitation
When Christ issued His invitation to store up treasures, He also presented fundamental truths about His invitation. This show focuses on the invitation itself, fundamental truths, and how we can respond to both.

Episode 1: Treasures in Heaven: Our Eternal Crowns
During the Sermon on the Mount, our Lord handed us an invitation: “store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven.” The writings of Peter, James, John, and Paul, reveal a picture of Heaven’s treasures, the eternal crowns. Christ the King shall “crown” righteous souls in His kingdom with “life,” “righteousness,” “glory,” and “rejoicing.” Each of these “qualities” represents crowns of everlasting heavenly honor, and our King shall bestow these crowns, based on what is accomplished through His holy name on Earth. This inaugural show expounds upon the crowns and storing them up in Heaven.

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